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  • Community Events

    Monday Evening Climb

    Orlando Rock Climbing and Bouldering

    Let's meetup at Aiguille for a Monday evening climb! We'll meet at the benches in front of the check-in desk. New climbers to Aiguille are required to take a short and free introductory belay class that teaches how to...

    D&D CSG Maitland Adv League [DM Ryan - Tier 1] - Curse of Strahd

    Orlando Nerds and Geeks

    Curse of Strahd now playing! This table is for Tier 1 characters: Levels 1 - 4. In the quaint village of Barovia, everything seems peaceful... too peaceful. As dusk falls, the stillness that falls over the town is like the silence of a tomb that...

    D&D Adventure League - Mondays at Maitland Storm King's Thunder [DM Maranda]

    Orlando Nerds and Geeks

    This table is Tier 2 (Levels 5-10), APL is 10th. "Giants have emerged from their strongholds to threaten civilization as never before. Hill giants are stealing all the grain and livestock they can while stone giants have been scouring settlements...

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